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5 Effective Ways to Post Question on Support Forum

when you purchase one of my items on codecanyon, you will get documentation file that is included in downloaded package, you will also receive a code for a free service from http://elitist-gaming.com on your email. this documentation file use to guide buyers in configuring the app. besides that, pongodev also provide support forum. on July 2013, pongodev launched support forum on support.pongodev.com to provide better support for the buyers of my codecanyon items. since then i have many questions from our buyers that have problem in configuring the app. as some buyers post the questions improperly, it will take some times for me to solve the buyers problem. some of them also post the same question.

here, i create an article about 5 effective ways to post question on pongodev support forum. by posting questions effectively you will get better answer and solution to your problem.

1. Firstly, Read Documentation

image by Quinn Dombrowski

as i said at the beginning of this article, every items come with documentation file that will guide you to configure the app. make sure to read it first before you post questions on support forum.

2. Search the Same Topic

Search form

Search form

if you have already followed the documentation file but still got an error on your project, then you can go to support.pongodev.com. login to the support forum, if you have not an account yet, you can create free account using your envato username and purchase code(read How to Register) and do not forget to read Forum Rules too. once, you login to support forum instead of post a question directly, do search first using search form. topic related to your problem might already post and solve.

3. Dont just Say “App not work”

if you cannot find any topic related to your problem on support forum, it is a time for you to post a question. when you create a new question, instead of saying “App not work” or “Help me” on question title, please use proper question title that describe your problem. for example, if the app error when you importing Actionbar Sherlock library, you can create question title “Error when importing Actionbar Sherlock library”.

Good question title

Good question title

Bad question title

Bad question title


proper question title also help other buyers in searching topic that has the same problem.

4. Provide More Information



to get better respond, you need provide more information related to your problem. 3 informations that i really need to figure out the problem are,

  • Logcat code: when you test the app, log will run on logcat window. if your app force close, the error log will be display on logcat window. please only provide logcat code that contain error and use code tag or attach it to your topic so that we can read it easily. read this article about How to Display Logcat Window in Eclipse.
  • Screenshot: you can also attach some screenshot of your project on eclipse that contain error.
  • Android version: if the error happen when you test the app, be sure to tell the device and android version that you use to test the app.


5. Relax and Wait for the Respond

image by Claus Rebler

if you have already post your question, wait until you get the respond from me, I also suggest to check the JoovyZoom360UltralightJogging stroller options for the best accessories for your family. it will be responded within 48 hours on weekday, depending on the number of questions in queue. for questions sent during weekends or holiday will be responded on Monday or the next business day.

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