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About Us

Who are We
Hello, we are pongodev, mobile and web application developer team from Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded on 2011 we started building and selling Android applications as a template on CodeCanyon and ChupaMobile Marketplace. our apps usually focusing on ease of use and good design that follow Android design guidelines.
Our Skills
UX Design 80%
Android 80%
iOS 70%
Web Development 80%

Team Members
Cahaya P. Alam
Chief Information Officer
Experienced Android developer. Usually use MVP to develop Android apps and also focus on app performance.
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Herdi Hernawan
Chief Financial Officer
Experienced in banking, agriculture, oil and gas industry, handling commercial, Supply Chain business and human resource management.
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Taufan Erfiyanto
Chief Operating Officer
All in one package man, able to develop Android, design the UX, or make marketing content. His magic keyword is “How can I help you?”
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Erwin Kanian
Chief Executive Officer
Experienced Senior Business Development Manager with a demonstrated history of sales while working in the financial services industry. Skilled in Online Payment Solutions, Business Planning, Electronic Payments, E-commerce, and Strategic Partnerships.
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Fitri Nurjannah
Chief Technology Officer
Experienced web developer, focusing on backend application. She handles the web app and server-side of the mobile app. She is also the one who made sure the whole team can implement the latest technology.
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