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Aplikasi Layad Rawat Dokter Datang ke Rumah Diluncurkan di Bandung

  Pada hari Rabu, 26 Juli 2017 Walikota Bandung Ridwan Kamil resmi meluncurkan program di bidang kesehatan yaitu Layad Rawat dan Ambulans Motor. Program Layad Rawat ini bertujuan untuk memberikan pelayanan kesehatan jemput bola dengan cara mendatangi rumah warga yang sakit dan kesulitan untuk pergi ke rumah sakit.m Sementara itu, ambulans motor berfungsi sebagai media transportasi dokter dalam  menjangkau rumah-rumah warga Bandung. Mengingat 40% warga tinggal di pemukiman dengan jalan-jalan yang sempit, penggunaan kendaraan motor menjadi alat transportasi yang efektif. (more…) Read more

Layar Tancep 1.4.0: Update Admob Version, Fix Some Bugs and Add Some Changes

We just published the update of Layar Tancep app on Codecanyon. the latest version of this Youtube channel app template is version 1.4.0. in this version we have made some improvements and changes. improvements and changes that we made are: Migrate project to Android Studio Google develop Android Studio as a new development tools for developing Android app that comes with many great features such as rich layout editor with support for theme editing. besides that, the reason we decided to migrate our Layar ... Read more

Soerat Kabar: Turn Your WordPress Website into Mobile App

over 1.4 billion smartphones are now used by people around the world and mobile internet use will continue to surge over the next five years. it is time for you to turn your website into mobile app to keep in touch with blog your visitors. let us introduce our new android source code named Soerat Kabar. Soerat Kabar is a blog app template for Wordpress website that run under Android platform. using wordpress plugin to turn wordpress posts data into json format, ... Read more

Add Java into PATH System Variable

The PATH is the system variable that your operating system uses to locate needed executables from the command line or Terminal window. The PATH system variable can be set using System Utility in control panel on Windows, or in your shell's startup file on Linux and Solaris. (more…) Read more

Get SHA1 Fingerprint for Debug in Android

The Maps API key is based on a short form of your application's digital certificate, known as its SHA-1 fingerprint. The fingerprint is a unique text string generated from the commonly-used SHA-1 hashing algorithm. Because the fingerprint is itself unique, Google Maps uses it as a way to identify your application. To setting up Google Maps Android API V2 you need to get API key and register your project to Google APIs Console. For development process you need debug API key to make the map ... Read more

[Video]Preview of Perkutut App

Video preview of Perkutut App which show full features of Perkutut App and admin panel. Read more

Perkutut: Our New Location-based Application on 2014

it is great to introduce our new app in 2014. the name of this app is Perkutut. Perkutut is a source code of location-based mobile application that run under Android platform. you can create your own location-based application such as tourism app, store locator app, and etc with this source code. in this app, you do not have to insert data within application. all location data can be managed via admin panel on server. comes with nice user interface design based on Android ... Read more

[Video] How to Import Android Project with Actionbar Sherlock in Eclipse IDE

some of pongodev item on codecanyon such as Layar Tancep, Daily Workout App, and Recipes App comes with actionbar feature. to make the actionbar works on every Android version, i use Actionbar Sherlock library. this video is provided to help buyers in import android project with actionbar sherlock in eclipse IDE. Read more

How to Display Logcat Window in Eclipse

when you are developing android application and find that your app is force close during the testing process, you can check the log on logcat to see what makes the app force close. in eclipse to display logcat window go to Window > Show View > Other > Android > Logcat. if you want to copy the logcat or save it into the file so that you can share it to other friends or pongodev support forum to help you solve the problem, ... Read more

5 Effective Ways to Post Question on Support Forum

when you purchase one of my items on codecanyon, you will get documentation file that is included in downloaded package, you will also receive a code for a free service from http://elitist-gaming.com on your email. this documentation file use to guide buyers in configuring the app. besides that, pongodev also provide support forum. on July 2013, pongodev launched support forum on support.pongodev.com to provide better support for the buyers of my codecanyon items. since then i have many questions from our ... Read more