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Layar Tancep 1.4.0: Update Admob Version, Fix Some Bugs and Add Some Changes

Youtube Channel App

We just published the update of Layar Tancep app on Codecanyon. the latest version of this Youtube channel app template is version 1.4.0. in this version we have made some improvements and changes.

improvements and changes that we made are:

  • Migrate project to Android Studio
    Google develop Android Studio as a new development tools for developing Android app that comes with many great features such as rich layout editor with support for theme editing. besides that, the reason we decided to migrate our Layar Tancep project to Android Studio is because in Android Studio, we do not need to import additional library such as action bar sherlock library to Layar Tancep project, because there is already AppCompat to create Actionbar that works on lower Android versions.
  • Update Admob with the latest version
    Google release the new version of Admob and announced that the previous version of Admob will be stopped on August 31st 2014
  • Add sharing video feature
    in version 1.4.0 not only sharing the app link to other apps, you can also now share the youtube video to other apps such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and etc.
  • Fix image thumbnail resolution in video list
    in previous version, the quality of image thumbnail for video list is bad, in this version we fix this issue so that the image thumbnail comes with better quality than previous version.
  • Change user interface
    in this version we change the colour of app user interface such as action bar and button colour to red. we also change video list user interface and app icon with a nice flat TV icon. the now also work in landscape mode and will display different user interface when you change the device orientation.
  • Update documentation file
    as many changes we made, we need also change the documentation file to help you configuring the app.


there are also three demo apps that we have published on Google Play so that people can test the apps before purchasing Layar Tancep template. three demo apps of Layar Tancep are:

  1. Layar Tancep News
  2. Layar Tancep Sports
  3. Layar Tancep Tech


for more information and download page of Layar Tancep version 1.4.0 can be found here.

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    Please, I want a solution to the problem youtube API v3

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